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Fight recaps: John Scott v. Alexandre Bolduc; Shane Hnidy v. Tanner Glass; Derek Boogaard v. Darcy Hordichuk

Many of you asked for the video of last night's Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks fights and , well thanks to, here they are.

We'll start with the best one, John Scott v. Alexandre Bolduc. What the hell was Bolduc thinking? One of the most lopsided fights I've ever seen.

As I've stated previously, Scott was waiting for someone all night. Someone (Bolduc or Rypien) took a shot at him early and skated away, and Scott was primed to unload. Then it's nice to hear Greenlay back me up on how thoroughly beaten Bolduc was, and stumbling off the ice and being helped down the tunnel.

Oh, and how classic is that shot at :50 with Boogaard and Scott together in the box?

Now Tanner Glass v. Shane Hnidy

And last but not least, the Derek Boogaard v. Darcy Hordichuk shirt pulling contest. The comedy value of this one is second to none. How Boogaard just pulls Hordichuck's sweater over his helmet and basically ties him into his own shirt is hilarious. Boogey just toyed with him.

Impressive boys. A beatdown on the scoreboard and on the ice