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Wild Daily Links 1-14-2010

Here are your links of the day, and what a glorious post-Canuck beat down day it is:

Continued fall out from the Gonchar elbow:

Gonchar given a puzzling pass - - The NHL's supplementary discipline has often seemed capricious, but even that didn't prepare the Wild for Colin Campbell's non-call on Sergei Gonchar. Capricious? Huh, I would have used other words, but they probably would not have been as printable as capricious.

Clutterbuck still fuming over Gonchar elbow | - Cal Clutterbuck played Wednesday night against Vancouver, but it was up in the air eight hours earlier. Not sure Cal is going to just let it go. He is a hockey player, and they tend to hold a grudge.

Clutterbuck Cries Foul After Gonchar Hit | Bleacher Report
It appears that Cal Clutterbuck of the Minnesota Wild is one of those players that likes to dish out punishment but can't take punishment in return... Enjoy this one, Wilderness readers. I know I did. Right after I laughed at the absolute idiocy of everything the author writes.

GONCHAR SPEAKS ON CLUTTERBUCK - Chipped Ice - A link containing the quotes from Gonchar.

On the winning streak and last night's game:

Wild delivers knockout blows in third period | - Wednesday night, the Wild first beat the Vancouver Canucks on the scoreboard, then beat them up You gotta love when Russo uses the words "beat them up." It just makes the day better.

Minnesota Wild win fourth in a row - The Minnesota Wild are starting to look like a playoff team. In fact, they're starting to look like a playoff team no one will want to play. The trick, of course, will be to make the playoffs. Keep in mind that not only is it a four game winning streak, but against some damn tough opponents.

Wild hot streak: four games, eight points | - The task looked daunting considering the competition, but the Wild picked up the maximum eight points during a four-game homestand. PRetty good break down, if too brief.

Wild 5, Canucks 2; Boogaard claims Vigneault sent Canucks to fight; Gonchar not suspended |
Russo's blog, containing the usual prime tidbits.

Canucks Fail, I Mean Fall 5-2 To Surging Wild - Nucks Misconduct Blunt /crude opinions on the Canucks' loss to the Wild Wednesday night - It's actually not too blunt, nor crude. Actually, pretty well done. Go check it out. And be nice, they got their butts handed to them.

Some other Wild links:

Minnesota Wild offense is coming on, Martin Havlat rises in latest rankings - ESPN
Sean Allen provides his latest rankings and discusses the emergence of the Minnesota Wild's offense, paced by Martin Havlat. I included this not for the value of the article, but more because I was shocked that ESPN actually covered hockey still.

AP's a doting dad and a sure-handed tipper; furry gloves just don't suit Wild defenseman | - Indeed, John Scott made the gossip column. Shut your brain off for this one.

Latendresse blooming for Wild - A Montreal paper has a story about Lats? Hard to fathom why.

Get To Know: Kyle Brodziak - Minnesota Wild - Features - A Q&A with Brodziak. It's a few days old, but still viable.

The Owner's Box - Latest update on Craig Leipold's blog.

Mixed Bag:

Decade Of Change: The NHL Needs To Be Seen If It Expects To Grow - SB Nation
 - A absolute sin to have it this far down in the post, but make sure you read this. Our fearless leader was asked what the NHL needs to do in the next ten years. Seriously, read this one.

The Aeros' Scrappy Jean-Michel Daoust Could Be Key To Playoff Chances - Houston News - A look at one of the leaders for the Houston Aeros.

Avs Better Halves Diaper Drive - Colorado Avalanche - News - The Avs are having a diaper drive against the Wild.There are so many jokes to be made here, but the cause is good, so we will let them go.

Enjoy your day, Wilderness.