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Gaborik Makes it too Easy

Sometimes in this business, there are events or images that simply speak for themselves. Highlight reel shows leave these moments to the original play-by-play call.

Gibson's walk off home run in the 1988 World Series. For the home town crowd, Kirby Puckett's walk off in game six of the '91 series. "And we'll see you... tomorrow night." Sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.

Today, we have an image, that for Wild fans, can just simply go without words. There really is nothing to add, so make the jump, and see what it is that has me speechless.


Puck daddy sums it up pretty well in Puck Headlines:

Honestly, if there's a more symbolic story for how Marian Gaborik ended up with the New York Rangers, we haven't seen it.

I mean, come on Gaby. We sit over here in Minnesota, bitter to no end that your groin hasn't blown up yet, all the while you are pushing for the league lead in goals. You have to expect a bit of fun and games pointed in your direction, but wow. First, you give us the "skating kitty" routine, and now you give us this.

You, sir, are what comedians call, "Too Easy."

Wilderness readers, the place you are looking for to unleash your fury is NHLol. Follow the link and the instructions. I expect to see countless entries on this one.

(Oh, the explanantion for the picture can be found on the Rangers' web site.)


Major stick tap to Wysh for finding this one.