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Wilderness Walk for 1-17-2010

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Apparently, there is a football game or something on today, so here are your daily links for when the Vikes start to lose. (HI OH!) I kid, good luck to the Vikes today.

First Things First:

Daily Norseman - Your SBN Home for Vikings football. Join them for the game today!

Gamers and More:

Bid for second fairy-tale end halted by big, bad Coyotes | - Russo's gamer. FYI, I missed the entire game. Fairly glad I did.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: NHL must open its eyes | - This is an absolute MUST READ. When Russo truly rants, it is a thing of beauty.

Between games, some fun | - The feature story. Good stuff about a PS3 and 1080i vs 1080p.

Slow start costs Wild - - Bruce Brothers' gamer. Come on, throw the guy a bone.

Coyotes hold off Wild in third period - Arizona Republic's take.

Russo's Rants | - The juicy tidbits left out of the gamer.

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-16-10: More Wings controversy; DiPietro gets first win - KiPA's NHL Recap.

Wild related fun stuff:

Hitting The Post: Dear Habs Fans (re: the trade) - NiNY, preaching to the choir. Amen, brother, amen.

Sanctions not likely for Oshie - - Pretty good take from Brothers. But no one really expected Oshie to get fined or anything did they? I mean, come on, Ovechkin was even fined for doing the same thing, but he did it against Atlanta, so it's a much bigger deal.

Twitter campaign attempts to "free" Sykora - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - The #FreePetr campaign has almost reached "You can't spell Calder without Cal" levels. Almost.

A.J. Thelen's new lease on hockey life - Blades' Blog - In case anyone cares, people continue to write about AJ Thelen. Probably the worst draft pick in Wild history.

Other things found while wandering around:

Washington Capitals on cutting edge of media revolution | The Sports Blog - - Let me tell you this. The Washington DC area is a hot bed for new media and hockey. If the other 29 NHL teams had this level of commitment, the world would be a much better place.

Homers can be hazardous to your health | Hockey Independent - I don't much care for the lead in, accusing Minnesota of "having something in the water," but the author has a point. The people at "Let's Play Hockey" pick the Three Stars every night at the X. They are ridiculous every night. Someone objective needs to pick them.

There you have it. Your daily time wasters. If there is anyone out there who isn't tailgating outside the Dome, enjoy the links. For those of you watching the game today, we'll see you at halftime. (I kid, I kid.)

Go Vikes!