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Sykora and Earl on Waivers - Discussion Post

Anyone wanting a little better place to discuss the placing of Sykora and Earl on waivers, here we go. I will be updating until around 5:30, then Nathan will take over and give you the latest. Oh, who are we kidding, no one is following if Earl clears except Ms. Conduct.

More after the jump.


First off, a Twitter feed of Sykora discussion. Enjoy.



Now updates as they become available:

11:38 AM - TSN reports Sykora and Earl on waivers.

12:27PM - Russo lands and confirms via Twitter.

1:38PM- @Russostrib: Petr Sykora not practicing today, indicating his Wild career has ended

1:50PM - From Russo's rants:

The Wild and agent Allan Walsh negotiated a European assignment clause into his contract before the season if things didn’t work out. That means the Wild likely would let him exercise that clause rather than assign him to AHL Houston.

By rule, if Sykora cleared waivers, the Wild could assign him to Houston and recall him on re-entry waivers, which would allow another team to claim him at half his salary-cap hit.
However, the Wild’s not planning that maneuver.
The Wild is currently practicing, but Sykora has left the team until his future is clearer Wednesday.

3:44PM: from @walsha : Just landed after being in the air for last 5 hours...

4:50PM - Still no press release from the Wild. Odd.