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Wilderness Walk 1-20-2010

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There really is only one story for Wild fans this morning. I could have put (literally) 100 headlines on here about Sykora. Problem is? They all say the same thing. So, here we go, with your daily time wasters.

Sykora news worth reading:

Sykora placed on waivers but Burns returns | - Russo's article.

What's next for Sykora?; Burns returns during one of Wild's most intense practices | - Russo's Rants. Gives some much needed insight in this one.

Wild put Petr Sykora on waivers; Brent Burns returns to practice - - Bruce Brothers' take on the situation.

Wild place veteran forward Sykora on waivers - This was the article that set it all off.

Goon's World: Petr Sykora and Robbie Earl put on waivers. - This is mostly to give Nathan a warm fuzzy feeling that those around him agree with him that Earl should stay and Shep should be the one on waivers. My only concern there is that Shep can be used to grab another Lats...

Other Wild related:

Minnesota Wild, Xcel Energy Center extend deal with Ticketmaster - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - While this was merely a formality, it hurts to see, as it means we get to continue to pay the $18 service charge to get tickets that Ticketmaster doesn't own, doesn't print, and doesn't do much of anything to deserve. I swear, their logo should be a Viking. Pillage until there nothing left, boys!

Wild 2009-10 NCAA prospects update - Hockey's Future - A look at some of the Wild prospects in the college ranks.

Hockey in general:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-19-10: Snowman in New York; Ducks are giant killers - KiPA's NHL recap.

Tough times for Alberta’s NHL representatives - The Globe and Mail - The headline has to give Wild fans a warm feeling.

Trade or keep those draft picks? Ask Red Wings - - An article using numbers to show that stock piling picks doesn't always work, and that the Red Wings are a perfect example of why it works to trade them away. Things is does not address: the fact that when the guys you traded for get hurt, there is no one to replace them with, as in the Red Wings this year, and the fact that teams that trade away picks generally end up mediocre, not perennial powers.

11AM is the magic number boys and girls. Just over two hours to kill until we find out more on the fate of Sykora. I'm sure we'll talk then.