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Wilderness Walk for 1-22-2010

Pretty boring day as far as headlines go. Sorry folks. The links below are good, don't get me wrong, there just wasn't much out there. Enjoy your time wasters.

First off:

Michael Russo (Russostrib on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award
The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter across 27 official categories and thousands of community-created ones. Online voting open to all members of Twitter culminates in an awards ceremony to recognize the winners. - Go vote for Russo. Tell others to vote for Russo. Get your mom a Twitter account and then make her vote for Russo.

Gamers and Such:

Another comeback nets a point, but no more | - Russo's gamer, including a pretty good call-out by Backstrom.

Backstrom's night off is short | - More on Backstrom struggles (ie team defense sucks).

Minnesota Wild suffer eighth-round knockout to Detroit - - Brothers' gamer.

Red Wings 4, Wild 3 (shootout); Harding injures hip | - Russo's Rants from after the game.

Around the NHL:

YouTube - Marian Gaborik vs. Daniel Carcillo - Rangers fans are saying Carcillo jumped him, but if you watch the video, Gaby drops the gloves first. It ends up being the mistake everyone except Gaby knew it would be.

B-Side Thought Barrage | Bourne's Blog  - Bourne with the quote of the day: "Is it just me, or are more hockey fans one-sport-lovers than any other sport?  I feel like guys who like basketball can like football, or baseball and football, whatever, but people who like hockey like HOCKEY." Exactly.

Canadiens part ways with winger Laraque - This is turning out to be quite the story. I can't argue with the decision to buy him out, but to announce it mid-season, and in the way they did? That, that I don't understand.

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-21-10: The other Capitals; Toronto finds new way to lose - KiPA's NHL recap.

And just for fun:


My eyes hurt after seeing that last scene, I just want you all to know that. It's just something you can't un-see.


Enjoy the day.