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Wilderness Walk for 1-26-2010

Another exciting news day for you today. Seriously, there two new articles about the Wild. One. Two beat writers, countless bloggers, and we've got nothing. I think the other links will keep you entertained, though. Enjoy.

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Two things:

Brunette hogs the top lines as color man for skills event | - Russo's article about the Skills Competition.

The Irish Emigrant - An article about Owen Nolan. Why include this? Simple. The Irish Emigrant just passed ESPN on my list of trusted NHL information gatherers.(Actually a pretty good article, too.)

From the System: News Releases - Maxime Noureau was named the AHL player of the week. A Wild prospect doing something noteworthy? Interesting...

Some fun and games:

FTR Roster Update -- Pardon Our Dust - From The Rink - Mike Chen introduces himself over at FTR.

Aiding Mirtle on His Brand New Adventure - Battle of California - If you need a laugh today, read this. If you don't need a laugh, well, fine then Mr. Chuckles, don't read it.

NHL ReCap:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-25-10: Quick-strike Pens; Flames still sputtering - KiPA brings you the news of the night.

Other Stuff:

Cormier suspended for balance of QMJHL season and playoffs - The idiot that decided to make himself a name for being a dirty player before he even made it to professional hockey. Yeah, they suspended him. SOunds to me like the Devils are unwilling to move him to the AHL. Sending a message, finally?

Female hockey fans - Behind The Glass - We're (well, I'm) going to have some fun with this a little it later. Please, read the post, get your thoughts in order, and join us later.

Enjoy your day. Hockey tomorrow, finally.