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Wilderness Walk for 1-27-2010

Not much for today, either folks. Too many off days, I guess. Enjoy what I did dig up.

Wild Related, and Somewhat Wild Related:

Backstrom misses practice, but OK to go tomorrow vs. Detroit | - Most recent Russo's Rants. | Red Wings | Detroit Free Press - Enemy newspaper.

From the System: Press Releases - Barry Burst is winning awards while with the ECHL Everblades. Not surprising figuring he is way out of their league.

Lost in the Woods (things I found while wandering around):

Hitting The Post: Another Take on Legislating Head Shots - Mayor of Russoville, NiNY, gives us a look at his opinion of head shots and recent news. Must say, agree 100%.

Vancouver might be regretting this hosting the Olympics thing - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Interesting article about the host city. Truly a must read.

Hitting 54 rinks in 54 hours, for one great hockey cause - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Excellent charity work going on out in New Jersey. Another must read.

Suiting up with the big boys - Good story about a season ticket holder being asked to fill in between the pipes.

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site | The New York Observer  - The Star Trib has mentioned making its site a pay site. They may want to read this article first.

NHL Recap:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-26-10: Scary Caps; The Sens are mightier than the Devils - The Caps are scary. Indeed, sir, indeed.

Hope to see you tonight for the game.