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Mark Fistric clobbers Eric Nystrom with his own helmet

In one of the cheapest of cheapshots, the Dallas Stars' Mark Fistric received a match penalty for hitting the Calgary Flames' Eric Nystrom in the head with Nystrom's own helmet in a fight last night.

Sure, you can say that it was done unintentionally, but that would be ridiculously untrue. He grasped the strap and swung it at Nystrom's head. Frankly, at that point the referees screwed up by not jumping in immediately.

The best thing that happened here was that Fistric received a match penalty, so Colin Campbell and his Wheel of Justice cannot possibly let him off the hook, then again Fistric isn't a superstar anyway, so it doesn't matter much.

So Wilderness, for how long will Fistric be suspended?

EDIT: OF COURSE NOT!! A moron named Colin Campbell, in his infinite wisdom, determined a fine would be good enough. What a fuck head. Check it out on Defending Big D