Three Points? I say how about 12?

Watching NHL on the Fly kind of curious about potvin calling the Wild a long shot to make up the three points to grab the eighth playoff spot. I say who says we can't make up the twelve to grab the 3 seed? The Wild are improving all the time and doing well against the Div. which makes up the bulk of the remaining schedule. Edmonton is dead and the three teams above the Wild all have pretty big question marks. Calgary is imploding and dropping through the standings like a brick. Vancouver is about to set out on a 13 or 14 game road trip, they will not play as a team at the Garage until mid March, If they get a bad start to this road trip, the whole thing could go south in a hurry. Colorado is playing well, but they have a lot of young players that have never playe3d at this level and this is grueling schedule coming up. I like the way they ar3e playing other than the ever shortening lapses. I am not saying they are gonna do it, I just don't think it is as much of a longshot as some people especially the national media. and hopefully it can get some convo going in here.

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