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USA Hockey: Hockey Weekend in America

What? You didn't know? This is Hockey Weekend in America! Celebrate with those you love!

Each of the three days of Hockey Weekend Across America has a theme, including:

Friday (Jan. 29) – Wear Your Favorite Hockey Jersey, sponsored by
Saturday (Jan. 30) – Bring a Friend to the Rink, sponsored by the NHL
Sunday (Jan. 31) – Celebrate Local Hockey Heroes, sponsored by the Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports program

For the past two months, USA Hockey and Reebok have conducted a "Why Hockey Rocks" video contest as part of Hockey Weekend Across America. Fans were asked to submit one-minute videos explaining why hockey is the best sport in the world. Following a voting process that began on Jan. 1, a total of 16 winners received a voucher for $300 worth of Reebok Hockey gear and had their videos entered into a tournament-style competition for the chance to win up to $2,500 in Reebok Hockey merchandise. The final round of voting is currently taking place at, and the winner will be announced Sunday (Jan. 31).

USA Hockey is also conducting a best Hockey Weekend Across America programming contest for its local associations across the country, with the grand-prize winner receiving a voucher for $5,000 of Reebok Hockey gear. Additionally, five runners-up will receive $1,000 of Reebok Hockey goods. The entry form can be obtained at

So, let's see them! Post your favorite sweater!