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Wilderness Walk for 1-30-2010

I wish my kids had a snooze button. Right there on the top of their heads.

Anyway. It's a pretty short walk today. Enjoy.

Wild Stories:

Concussions are a heady issue for Wild's Burns |  - Excellent article from Russo about the M11 helmet. Another must read.

Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding injured but toughs it out in Denver - - Bruce Brothers offers us a story about Josh Harding's performance in Denver. Albeit two days after it happened.

Game Day:

San Jose Sharks - San Jose Mercury News - San Jose local paper for enemy news.

Off the Trail:

Charity-less Standings - From The Rink - Interesting look at a different points set up. 2 for a regulation win, 1 for OT win, 0 for any loss. I like it.

Caps' Green gives questionable hit, takes knee, leaves game - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Wouldn't normally have listed this, but it's a slow day, and it is part of the conversation.

NHL Re-Cap:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-29-10: Devils escape; Preds fading - KiPA's take on the NHL action last night, including a near melt down by the Devils.

That's it. Back inside everyone. Enjoy the day. Pond Hockey Championships will finish up today out at Lake Nakomis. Go show them some support.