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Wilderness Walk for 1-31-2010

It's Sunday which means? Delayed headlines, YEA!

Gamers and More:

Wild's penalties are killers | - Russo's gamer.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Seeing a bright future | - Excellent insight into the thinking of Tommy Thompson.

Four power-play goals shoot Sharks past Wild -  - Brothers' gamer.

Havlat, Richards on same page - - Game day story by Bruce Brothers good to hear the coach and should be super star are getting along.

(updated) San Jose Sharks 5, Wild 2; Wild gives up franchise-record four power-play goals | - Current Russo's Rants

NHL Re-Cap:

Hitting The Post: NHL Recap 1-30-10: Oilers pull off the 0-fer - Good stuff. Enjoy.

Your treat for being patient:

Leafs' Burke trades six players; acquires Phaneuf and Giguere - Brian Burke is at it again! This time, he helps out the Wild, and we can sing a version of "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead." Phaneuf to the Leafs? Awesome. Bye bye.

That's it. Enjoy your day, all.