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Wilderness Walk for 10-10-2010

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Welcome to the first of a handful of Walks that could get a bit thin. Players are off again today, meaning the reporters have very little to report on, unless they plan to report on what Clutterbuck is having for breakfast. Today, however, there is some fun to be had, with some lighter weight material out of Finland from Russo. We also have your KiPA recap, some news DISH Network subscribers need to know, and some roster moves.

Enjoy your day all. If you are looking for something to do, Let's Play Hockey is doing their gear distribution today at the X from 12-4. Not that you'll get any gear, but it's still pretty cool.

Wild News:

Fun is first, then hockey |  - Mentioning a bunch of hockey players all in close quarters while mostly nude, huh? I think Russo is trying to make Ms. Conduct's day. Very funny line from Bruno about Mittens, though.

Happy to be back at home, Wild looks to regain rhythm | - "'s also true that two years ago, the coaches for all four teams that opened in Europe were ultimately fired..."

Wellman, 3 others sent to minors; Aeros win rout in Yeo's coaching debut | - Russo's Rants has the roster moves. None overly surprising.

DISH-Fox fight is unlikely to be resolved before home opener | - Not to rub salt in the wound, but DISH Network? What were you thinking in the first place? I've never read a positive review about this company.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Goals, goals, goals - There were some goals scored. Almost all of them against my fantasy hockey goalies. Sigh.

Off the Trail:

Minnesota Wild | Fantasy Hockey - Play Now - Minnesota Wild - Fan Zone - You have 20 points with which to select players from the Wild roster. It's free, and there will be prizes. Check it out.

A Hockey Writer's Take on "Real" Sports Stories - SB Nation Minnesota - A piece from your friendly hockey writer looking at some of the other sports stories in Minnesota.