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Wilderness Walk for 10-14-2010: Game Day Edition

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It's here. It's really, really here. No, really. Tonight is the Wild's true home opener, playing their first games in the friendly confines of the Xcel Energy Center. The pre-season was not kind, nor was Finalnd, but tonight is their first chance to play a game that counts in front of their fans. Something tells me that means something to these players.

For those of you planning to attend, get down there early, as the players are scheduled to have a "Red Carpet" entrance from Saint Paul RiverCentrestarting at 4:15PM. There is a pre-game party, also at RiverCentre, at which food will be served, and prizes will be given away. The pre-game party will run until 7:00, at which time, the gates will open.

For those who are not attending, and for some of those that are, Hockey Wilderness will be double represented in the press box tonight as both Nathan and yours truly will both be in attendance.

Enjoy the day, all.

Wild News:

Looking back at a Wild past | - Youngblood has a look back at the last ten years of Wild hockey. Good stuff, even if HWSRN is mentioned a bit too much to not induce vomiting.

Iconic images of the Wild’s first decade - The sports page cover photo. Make sure you check it out.

Richards is the voice of reason | - Voice of reason, yes. Are the fans listening? Likely not. At least he didn't tell the fans to "temper their expectations."

Wild: 10 years, 10 lists | - Ten lists from Russo. I was surprised at a couple inclusions, also at some information coming out that has long been held in secrecy. 

Wild-Edmonton game preview | - Short preview of tonight's action.

Tom Reid's top 10 all-time Minnesota Wild players - - Tom Reid, hockey icon, has his own list in the Pioneer Press.

Minnesota Wild enter 10th home opener much like their first: struggling to jell - - Included because it is out there, not because it is worth much. A stretch of a comparison of this year's team to the first year squad. All I can say is that with a $5 million wing and a $6 million goalie, that first team likely would have been much better than they were.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: One streak ends, another continues - The Ducks win! Hey... the beat the Canucks, you can be happy.

Off the Trail:

Investor says Abdul defrauded him in deal | - Former North Star Brian Lawton is suing a company he invested in for defrauding him. Good luck to you, sir.

The Copper & Blue - Make sure you check out the SBN Edmonton Blog. They are one of the best around, and always a good read. Maybe you could learn something about the opponent, too.