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Wilderness Walk for 10-19-2010: Game Day Edition

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"This Macarena is tough, man." Now it's your turn... bring the heat folks, make us a caption.
"This Macarena is tough, man." Now it's your turn... bring the heat folks, make us a caption.

Welcome, one and all, to game day. Tonight, the Wild face off against the Canucks, yes the Canucks. Despite the Boogey man being gone, and John Scott being gone, and Darcy Hordichuk being gone, and Alex Burrows hurt... you can bet there will be some fireworks tonight.

Today's walk takes us to some familiar haunts, not all of the friendly. We also ask that you visit the SBN Canucks blog today. It's OK, their actually fairly reasonable over there. If you decide to drop the gloves, follow the code, and don't pick on anyone smaller than you.

Also... caption creation today. You've been killing it so far. Keep it up!

Enjoy the day, all.

Wild News:

Checking line trio aims to beat slump | - Sometimes, it is good to know that the people who are not doing well at least know they aren't doing well. Now, we'll see if they act to change it.

Illness sweeping Wild locker room | - Always lovely to have a flu bug run through the locker room. As per Russo's Twitter this AM, Colton Gilles is on his way up from Houston.

Wild players promise a better effort, starting tonight against Vancouver - - Indeed. Wild players such as Staubitz and Kobasew. I'm certain the team rallies around them.

Enemy News:

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Current Canucks news and happenings from the local paper.

Canucks @ Wild Game Preview: Twisting, Turning Through The Never - Nucks Misconduct - Nucks Misconduct has their side of the preview. As stated above, go visit. They're good people, even if they do live under bridges and eat billy goats.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Pop those corks, 1972 Dolphins - No more perfection in the NHL. Guess the Leafs will have to shoot for 81-0-1 now.