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Wilderness Walk for 10-2-2010

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Before we get to the Walk, let me address those of you who read HW, but do not have Twitter. As of early this morning, you are missing out. Russo is posting some great videos and pictures on his account, and if you aren't there, you are going to miss them. Besides... all the cool kids are doing it.

Big Walk today. Lots from Russo, from T3I, something from the Condors, and we visit a couple of old friends.

Random Wild Photo of the Day:

Wild News:

#mnwild practices in cave; Theodore not signed yet | - According to Russo, the deal for Theodore is not... repeat NOT... done yet. Though he thinks it gets done soon. As of the writing of this it is around 5:30 PM in Finland.

Report: #mnwild signs Jose Theodore | - Here is Russo's blog before he learned the signing was not yet complete.

Hoopla greets Wild heroes | - Russo reports in from Finland. Good stuff. Good humor.

The Wild take their search for on-ice success to Finland - Brothers report on the happenings in Finland.

Hitting The Post: Thoughts on Wild Preseason - Friend of the blog, Nick in New York, takes a good look at the preseason for the Wild.

System News:

The Third Intermission: Slicing Up The SLICE - The Aeros game was canceled due to shoddy ice. Or, to be clear... lack of ice.

The Third Intermission: Meet Your 2010-11 Aeros: Peter Zingoni - The series continues. Good stuff.

The Third Intermission: Meet Your 2010-11 Aeros: Brandon Buck

The Third Intermission: Meet Your 2010-11 Aeros: Jamie Fraser - Roster - The ECHL affiliate releases the roster for training camp. As of right now, no Wild prospects on the roster. Coincidentally enough, no goalies in camp...

Off the Trail:

Karhuherran murinat - Jani Mesikämmen " Arkisto " #HockeyFinnish101 - More hockey terminology from across the pond. Good find by Monica.

Back to the Future: N.H.L. Sets Guidelines for Bloggers - - The New York Times shows bloggers some love. Thanks, NYT.


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