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Wilderness Walk for 10-20-2010

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Well now... anything we need to talk about today? Let's see here. Canucks were in town, Luongo was chased, the Sedins scored some points, and the Wild thumped the 'Nucks. Yeah, no nothing special here. Just not sure why everyone is hanging out around here... I mean what is it you're looking for?

Oh wait. Rick Rypien grabbed a fan. Maybe we should look at that. We have the gamers, too.

Before we make the jump, if anyone knows the fans that were involved, send either me or Nathan an email, would you? Or contact us on Twitter. This is a site for the fans after all. A fan was involved, and we would love to hear their story.

Video of the Day:

All this with Kerry Fraiser in the booth? Classic.

Wild News:

Latendresse gets to work ending his lull | - Lost in this mess will be a terrific game played by the Wild, including Lats. A very good performance when the pressure was on him.

'Bag skate' cures what ailed Wild | - The tough practice clearly worked.

Wild trounces Canucks, chases Luongo, makes Rypien lose marbles | - Russo's take on the whole damn thing. The line about the Nucks coach is classic.

Rypien Makes a Splash:

Rick Rypien's Fan Appreciation Night - Nucks Misconduct - For anyone doubting the rationality of Canucks fans, know that the folks that write for SBN have a level head. Good people, good writers.

NHL should hammer Rypien - Puckworld - The Vancouver equivalent of Russo's Rants

Rick Rypien's scuffle with fan in Minnesota likely means suspension- Awesome coverage of the event from the Vancouver Sun.

Rick Rypien Assaults Fan In Minnesota - - The SBN NHL Hub has a running timeline.

Game Recap - - Versus has their (as usual) late addition to the party.

Video: Rick Rypien Confronts Minnesota Fan - Friend of the blog asks the burning question. How many games?

Rick Rypien Attacks Fan, Deserves 20-Game Suspension -- NHL FanHouse - one of the best takes on the whole thing, from Chris Botta. If you don't read any of the others, make sure you read this one.

Video: Canucks' Rick Rypien attacks Minnesota fan for taunting - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Puck Daddy's contribution to the conversation.

Canucks' Rypien roughs up fan in the stands - NHL - Sporting News - Craig Custance adds his expert opinion.

Rick Rypien attacks fan in Minnesota | ProHockeyTalk - PHT adds to the call for a long suspension. First edition, mostly information.

Rick Rypien’s fan attack: What they’re saying and what’s next for him | ProHockeyTalk - PHT updates it's thinking with a more spelled out piece on what they feel should happen next.

UPDATE 9:30AM - More links, and a Vancouver feed (stick tap to Russo)


Clearly, the fan did NOT reach over or initiate anything. This announcer owes the fan an apology.

Rypien joins growing list of NHL incidents this season - TSN joins the conversation. Finally.

What was Rick Rypien thinking?! - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN - Scott Burnside takes a humorous look at the event. Maybe a bit too soon, but still... funny.

Canucks' Rick Rypien Accosts Fan - Winging It In Motown - One of the few Red Wings fans I can have a discussion with is in on the conversation.


Please stay tuned to Hockey Wilderness and Nucks Misconduct as this story unfolds. There will certainly be more, as the NHL will not sit around and wait, since the Canucks play the Hawks tonight. Although, they could certainly do what they did with Avery and suspend him "indefinitely" pending a hearing.