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Hockey Wilderness Facebook Contest

We at Hockey Wilderness are dedicated to providing excellent commentary and coverage of the Minnesota Wild. But we realize that it's the members of our community who really make Hockey Wilderness go. Without the members, Bryan, JS, Dan, Monica, Elise and I would be shouting into the wind. So, we are looking to expand our reach and drive to bring more people into the fold.

The in-game commentary, the comments on our articles, the FanPosts and FanShots are what make Hockey Wilderness special. The best way to ensure that we have a solid community is to bring dedicated Wild fans into our site and entice them with solid takes on the team from a fan's perspective, and that includes yours!

We know most of you are on Facebook. Did you know we were too? Check us out at and "Like" the page. All of our articles are posted there as well, and we are increasing our engagement by linking to other hockey-related Facebook pages, providing links to articles we think you'll find interesting, running polls, featuring our members and sharing pictures of game day and our fans. Then feel free to share our links with your friends or post on our wall and talk to us there.

We live on Facebook, and with 500,000,000 other users, we're pretty sure you do too. So, we want to make it easy to stay in touch with Hockey Wilderness.

In order to make it worth your while, we are introducing the Hockey Wilderness Facebook Contest. When we hit each of these milestones, we will hold a drawing from among the people who "Like" the Hockey Wilderness Facebook page by 12/31/2010.

500 - 1,999 Likes: One jersey shirt of the player of your choice or $25 giftcard to the Hockey Lodge
2,000 - 9,999 Likes: One Wild sweatshirt or a $75 giftcard to the Hockey Lodge
10,000 - 40,000 Likes: One replica jersey of the player of your choice or a $100 giftcard to the Hockey Lodge
> 40,000 likes: One authentic Minnesota Wild jersey of the player of your choice!

In addition, we will be randomly selecting Facebook fans to win selected door prizes. Keep checking the Facebook page for updates!

So, check us out at and tell your friends. Who knows, you may just win something!

Just a reminder that participation in the Hockey Wilderness Facebook Contest is subject to the Hockey Wilderness Facebook Contest rules and regulations