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Wilderness Walk for 10-22-2010: Game Day Edition

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Game day. Caption fun. The comment section is open!
Game day. Caption fun. The comment section is open!

The theme of today's Walk is: Really? You'll see why in a few paragraphs. As for right now, we need to focus, because we are intoducing a new feature into the Walk today. Drum roll please? The Facebook Question of the Day, cleverly titled The Facebook Question of the Day. So... head over to the Facebook page, and answer The Facebook Question of the Day.

Any questions? On to the Walk.

Make sure you also "Like" Hockey Wilderness while you are over at the Facebook page. After all... the more likes, the bigger the prizes.

Wild News:

Season ends today, Wild makes the playoffs!; Brodziak pots 2, Ill Latendresse one | - Russo's Rants after one or two cups of coffee.

Brodziak helps Wild escape | - "escape" is the perfect word here.

Wild make it above .500 for the first time under Todd Richards - - Read the headline again here. Keep in mind the Wild are 3-2-1. So, technically, above .500, yes? But for the first time? They finished last season 38-36-8. If you follow the logic that OTL don't count as "losses," then they not only were above .500, but FINISHED above .500. Really?

Wild forward Brian Staubitz says emotion was at heart of Rick Rypien incident - - Indeed, that headline is not tampered with. "Brian Staubitz." Really? Yes... really:


Wild 4, Oilers 2: Kyle Brodziak's two first-period goals make the difference - - Bingo! Nailed one. The score was, indeed 4-2. I knew you could do it.

Enemy News:

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Vancouver newspaper. Some interesting stuff happening up there. Maybe you should check it out.

Heavy-hitter can take abuse, just don't call him 'Buttercup' - Our final "Really?" of the day. We're still talking about the "Buttercup" thing? Wow.

Nucks Misconduct - SBN Nucks blog. Again... good people. Go visit.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Backups to the rescue - Sometimes, the back-up is what a team needs. Last night, it became a theme.