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Wilderness Walk for 10-23-2010

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Welcome to Chateau Le Sigh. I really have very little to say, other than to mention that I really don't get it. You write something enough times, and you run out of ways to say it. One suggestion on Twitter was to write the same thing and just have JS translate it into French. So brush up on your francais, folks, becuase if this keeps up, that may just need to be what happens.

Today's Walk has very little good news, so enjoy your Facebook Question of the Day, the Facebook "likes" Contest, oh, and there are still tickets available for the suite to meet Brent Burns.

Wild News:

Canucks turn tables and rout Wild; prepare for five-game homestand | - Russo's Rants from early this AM.

Vancouver does turnabout, routs Wild | - Russo's gamer. A roster of snowmen? Maybe that would help.

Hometown pals get unexpected bonus -- Stoner in lineup (and a fight) | - Clayton Stoner got to play in front of friends and family last night. That has got to be a cool feeling.

Commissioner suspends Rypien, calls Wild fan | - What should likely be the final story on this from Russo, unless of course, something changes.

Jose Theodore gets little support in Wild debut as Canucks cruise - - Pioneer Press gamer.

Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher 'happy' with team's progress - - Fletcher is "happy" eh? Interesting, though it seem to be the same line we heard last year at this time.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Hat tricks galore - Everyone scored a hat trick last night. Make sure you check the stat sheets, because you may have as well.

Off the Trail:

Jose Theodore makes Minny debut in "Mummy" mask | Masks | Goalie News, photos, info, tips, techniques by Goaltenders for Goaltenders - In Goal Mag has a look at the very... um... fancy helmet of Jose Theodore.