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Wilderness Walk for 10-25-2010: Game Day Edition

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Whatever you do in life, don't start a morning link post on an SBN site, and then get sick and not post it at its usual time. I appreciate the concern folks, really I do. I'll be fine. Eventually.

Today's Walk is relatively short, but you do have the added fun of create-a-caption. So there's that. Also, don't forget to answer the Facebook Question of the Day.

Video of the Day:

Chris Garner is the equipment manager for the University of Minnesota - Duluth Bulldogs Hockey Team. He recently needed a bone marrow transplant to save his life, which was successful, and now he needs help so that the medical bills do not ruin his life on the back side. There is an auction, which can be found HERE, with some very cool items, many of which still have no bids on them.

Check it out, buy some cool stuff, and help a good cause.

Wild News:

Penalty-killing duty falling on few | - Kent Youngblood covering for a day off for Russo. Looks like some of the moves to keep Mikko off of the PK aren't working out as well as planned.

Wild pay the price allowing power-play goals, but they lead NHL in power-play scoring - - Bruce Brothers with his take on the Wild's special teams.

KiPA's Korner:

Benching Works, Kind of - Kovalchuk played. The result didn't change.

Off the Trail:

Yesterday, we introduced you to the 2011 Mediocrity. Here is another video, just because we can. Enjoy.

"The 2011 Mediocrity is here. Set your expectations accordingly." Sigh.