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POLL: Are Wild Fans Pleased?

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In our ongoing quest to bring you, the Hockey Wilderness readers, the best news and information about your Minnesota Wild, we sometimes have to do things we don't really want to do. While reading Russo's work is not only fun, but informative, some of the filth we have to dredge through to find you some of the "Off the Trail" goodies and other voices surrounding the Wild is downright disgusting.

Usually, we just let it pass, allowing it to fall on the trash heap in the wasteland of the internet. Today however, we have decided to ask you a question, based on an assertion by Brad Ratgen that "most (if not all) Wild fans are pleased." To be fair, this assertion is made as a comparison to last year. For those who do not know who Brad Ratgen is, he is the Wild "beat writer" (his words, not mine) for HockeyBuzz. Yes. That HockeyBuzz. I will not link to that site, for fear that some kind of internet connection to it will allow for the syphilitic idiocy of his readers to somehow taint this site. If you want to read his entire post, go read it, but turn on multiple virus scans, not only for the computer, but for you as well.

The fact that the Wild sit at a Fan Confidence rating of 37 out of 100 according to SBNation Minnesota, and have been sub 50 since before the season started made us question this assertion. For our part we have two questions. The first, you can answer in the comment section, the second is a poll.

Question One: With his assertion that "Most (if not all) Wild fans are pleased," we assume he actually spoke to Wild fans, and took a scientific poll, accounting for statistical variances, asking non-leading questions, and acquiring a large enough sample size to properly account for what the population as a whole is feeling. Here is the question: Were you contacted by HockeyBuzz or Brad Ratgen to participate in this poll?

Question Two: