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Wilderness Walk for 10-27-2010

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Finally. The Walk has arrived. I know you are all worried when it doesn't appear at its normal time, so let me inform you all, I'm fine. Decided that a visit to the doctor was in store. Turns out, I'm going to make it, much to the disappointment of those who write stupid things about the Wild.

Another short Walk today, but some good stuff. Enjoy.

Also, stop by and answer the Facebook Question of the Day. Still need around 50 "likes" to get to the first tier of prizes in the contest.

Wild News:

Time to do the shuffle? | - The current lines aren't doing much, so why not, right? What would you do with the lines?

Richards may shuffle deck against Capitals; Backstrom or Theodore in goal? | - Russo's Rants from yesterday.

Owner, general manager of struggling Minnesota Wild insist glass is still half-full - - Let me get this straight. The owner and GM of the team didn't light up the team in the media? Shocked, I am.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Panthers hosed; Vezina torched - Kari Lehtonen. He's not that good.

Off the Trail:

InGoal Exclusive: Jose Theodore’s new Minnesota mask | Masks | Goalie News, photos, info, tips, techniques by Goaltenders for Goaltenders - Pretty sweet stuff. Enjoy.