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Wilderness Walk for 10-29-2010

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A big victory last night, so everyone went out and celebrated right? What's that? You had to work / go to school today? Weak. I question your commitment, and your dedication. You need to learn right now that nothing is more important than hockey. Nothing. Well... OK, I could be wrong about that. I just told my daughter that nothing is more imprtant than hockey, and she laughed at me, and said "You're crazy."

So I guess keep loving your family and going to work. Hockey better be right behind that though.

Enjoy your day, all.

Wild Video of the Day (via SpaethCo):


Wild News:

Clamps on the Caps | - Russo's gamer.

Agent's comments cause a stir | - Follow up from Russo on the Havlat story. Interesting stuff.

Wild beats reigning President Trophy winners; Harding to go under knife | - Russo's Rants, including an update on Josh Harding.

For Backstrom, all saves are a kick - - Bruce Brothers informs us that goalies like to make saves. Interesting.

Tom Powers: Wild snub Martin Havlat after agent complains - - Ah, Tom Powers. More idiocy from him, as this time he says that Todd Richards is a liar. Yeah, good stuff, Tom.