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POLL: Antti Miettinen has a Concussion: Dirty Hit?

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Russo is reporting that the Wild believe Antti Miettinen has a concussion, and that they believe it is a result of the hit from Dustin Brown on Monday. At the time, we certainly felt like the hit was shoulder to shoulder, though it did come from the blind side, on an unprotected player. We felt that the refs made the right call on the ice, at full speed, and that the five minute major and a game misconduct were the right call.

Here is the video:

While it still looks to me like there is no contact to the head, I was reminded by a few people on Twitter that there does not necessarily need to be a hit to the head to induce a concussion. This is what is the scariest part of these brain injuries. They can come from almost anything, and they can go undiagnosed for days.

Miettinen was back on the next shift, and appeared to be fine. He played the rest of the game, but must have developed symptoms later in the night or during the week. Listed as "ill" for last night's game, Miettinen is now out "indefinitely."

While I am strongly in the "punish the offense, not the result" camp when it comes to supplemental discipline, we pose the question to you, Hockey Wilderness: