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Wilderness Walk for 10-3-2010

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Yawn. I really detest the weekend. I have to work to pay bills on the weekend, and it really, really is not fun at all. Go to work, come home and do as much as humanly possible, all to jump up and work the second leg of the swing shift. Lovely.

Today's Walk has the Theodore saga, played out in Russo headlines, a fun video of Mikael Granlund, and a bit on the team the Wild will be playing.

Enjoy your day. I won't be.

Random Wild Video of the Day:


Wild News:

Missed from Yesterday:

Finnish isn't a line: It's a lifestyle for Wild's Koivu | - Totally blew this one yesterday. Sorry Russo. Good stuff with Mikko Koivu discussing boat parties, Vodka and beer. Must read for any Koivu fan.

Report: #mnwild signs Jose Theodore |  - Ah the confusion that is trying to sign a player while the team in 4600 miles away...

Wild has not signed Theodore yet | - Step two. ;-)

... and, of course, immediately after I conveyed that information to you all...

Update: Theodore to join Wild | - Final step.

(Yes, I know some of that is repeat, but it goes to show the time line. Deal with it.)

View From the Lighthouse - Glen Andresen checking in from Finland.

Wild makes connection, lands Theodore | - The paper version of the signing of Theodore. Including the line, "to stretch his groin and take some pucks." Ah, the language of hockey.

Skating surface hits new low | - The truly is nothing cooler than a hockey rink with a niche. This is pretty cool.

Wild sign veteran goalie Jose Theodore - - Brothers with his take on the signing.

Mikko Koivu's homeland steeped in hockey - - Brothers with some insight into the background of Koivu. Let me sum it up for you: hockey.

System News: The Best Place for Minor Hockey News - Ms. Conduct with a season preview of the Aeros.

Off the Trail:

Ilves rebooting - Another good find from Monica. Info on the team the Wild play in the exhibition.