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On The Rise! Prospect of the Month: September

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On the next issue of On The Rise, I will introduce you to our Prospect of the Month feature! Now that September is over and hockey season looming just around the corner, a few Wild prospects have already played a couple of games, displaying their worth (or not so much worth). 

If you want to follow the prospects as I do but through an easy-to-read format, follow my Prospect Tracker on HFboards or follow me on twitter @circulartheory.

And without futher ado, here is the Wild's September Prospect of the Month: Mikael Granlund!

Prospect of the Month

This Month's Statistics:

Name GP
Mikael Granlund
8 3 7 10 0


The Wild's 9th overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft have Wild fans finally excited after years of lacking a bluechip, offensive prospect. Only an 18-year old, Granlund is tied for 2nd in scoring with 10 points in the top Finnish league.

Some wondered if Granlund's transition to center, a position that is often seen to have additional defensive responsibilities than the those of the wingers, would result in less points but Granlund seems to be doing fine stat-wise. As Russo mentioned on his blog, "To put this in perspective, Mikko Koivu, in his fourth year in the league for TPS, scored a career-high 30 points. This kid is lighting up a league full of mostly men."

If Granlund continues to produce at the rate he is throughout the whole season, the possibility of him joining the Wild in the 2011/2012 season is not too far-fetched. The only question is, can he continue to produce on a consistent rate while not being a defensive liability?