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Wilderness Walk for 10-31-2010

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Happy Halloween all! Whether you are young or old, Halloween always has a special meaning. Free candy is great, the costumes are always fun, and if you are old enough, some of the parties can get out of control. However, the real reason Halloween is exciting is because it marks the end of the first month of play.

What does that mean?

A full month of play gives you a pretty good sample size to see what kind of team you are watching. Save for long winning streaks or slumps, a month long look at a team should give a pretty good idea if they have it or not. What you get out of the Wild after this month compared to last October is up to you.

Go answer the Facebook Question of the Day. Enjoy the Walk. Have a safe Halloween.

Wild News:

Wild slips a notch and falls | - Russo's gamer. "Slips a notch" is about right, though I might say more than one.

Madden excelling as stopper | - John Madden has been one of the bright spots on this team. Great signing. Now... if only they could figure out how to all work as hard as he does.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Does star power matter in NHL? | - Who's ready for a #1 overall pick?

Minnesota Wild still can't quite measure up to NHL's big boys - - Sigh. I hate to do this... I agree. They just don't measure up.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Shutout Saturday: Revenge of the Goalie - Four shutouts last night. Hatties and shutout abound. How is that going for your fantasy team?