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Wilderness Walk for 10-4-2010

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Thank goodness it's Monday. Though, that stupid fireball in the sky is out again today. Not quite sure how it's going to get cold here if the sun keeps coming out everyday. Sigh. Guess we'll get ice in January.

Today's Walk features the usual suspects, plus a must read article from Finland, and what I like to call "Fun with SpaethCo." Enjoy your day, all.

Random Wild Video of the Day:


Wild News:

Finnish fans love the Wild | - Russo with one of many videos you can find on his Twitter account:

Practice is a party for thousands | Turns out? The Finns love hockey. Who knew?

Practice is treat for top pick | - No word on how many goals he scored from the stands.

On the bus to Tampere; More Wild videos on Twitter; Talking Granlund | - Russo's Rants. Reading this leads me to believe that Russo has found the country's caffeine hot spot.

On the bus to Tampere; More Wild videos on Twitter; Talking Granlund | - Naked hockey players running around and island, huh? Well, that just made Ms. Conduct's whole day better.

Wild Sign Jose Theodore To One-Year Deal - - From the SBN NHL site. Yes, they reported it on time, I'm just slow getting it to you. Best part? There is another Theodore stalker site. Good for him.

Three Days In Finland: Photo Diary - Minnesota Wild - Features - Glen Andresen with some photos from Finland.

Off the Trail:

Nämä suomalaistähdet näet sunnuntaina - ilmaiseksi! - Monica wanted this included today. I have no idea what it says, and when you use Google translate to do Finnish to English, it obviously does Finnish to Yoda.

Leddy looking like a top-four defenseman - Chicago Blackhawks Blog - ESPN Chicago - Take this with a grain of salt, everyone. It's ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Knowing Nothing About Hockey. It will, however make SpaethCo very happy to read. So, there's that.