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Wilderness Walk for 10-6-2010

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It is often said that walking is good for you. It is exercise, and exercise is good, right? Today's Walk may send some of you to the ER. In the notebook in the StarTrib, Russo points out, in one line, a major shift in thinking for the Wild. Amazing stuff.

Also, there are other stories involved. Tons from Finland, Bettman thinks Colin Campbell is consistent, and some news from the minors. Make the jump won't you?

Random Wild Video of the Day:


Wild News:

Now that you have had your video time, it's time to get down to the brass tacks.

Wellman, Falk look like survivors | - Blah, blah, blah, Wellman, Falk. Yeah. Got it. Jump to the second paragraph, on the second page. Um... wow? Comment section is below, folks.

Change is career elixir for Cullen | - I have to agree. Cullen is set for a big year.

Opening Morning (Night) finally a day away; Zidlicky questionable, Latendresse probable | - Where does Lats end up? Looks like with Brodziak and Wellman / Staubitz.

Minnesota Wild player Antti Miettinen's other passion: his rock band - - Personally, I think Miettinen should spend his summer working on hitting the net, not that pesky G-chord, but hey, that's just me.

Minnesota Wild waive Matt Kassian and Drew Bagnall to trim roster to 23 - - Brothers has the waivers.

Richards sees outburst as what Wild can be - 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere - piece on the Wild's team ID.

System News:

Red Deer Advocate - The numbers game - Piece on Darcy Kuemper.

Off the Trail:

Blogger's Breakouts - Minnesota Wild - Fantasy Hockey Scouts - Also known as: The one where I doomed Latendresse's career.

Gary Bettman on Parity, Quebec and Colin Campbell's 'Consistent' Rulings -- NHL FanHouse - Colin Campbell is consistent? I suppose, in a very inconsistent way, he sure is.

So... anything you want to get off your chest? The comment section is open.