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Wilderness Walk for 10-7-2010 - Game Day

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 Wait. There's a game on today? What? Why did no one tell me? I can't believe the NHL and the Wild did not promote this in anyway. You say they are in Finland? The game is in two hours? Well, this just ruins my whole day. Come on. Playoff baseball, Randy Moss... things are exciting here in Minnesota. Like I need hockey. Stupid, boring hockey. No one even like hockey, no wonder they put it on at 11am.

Of course, I kid. My hands have just a touch of the shakes as the excitement builds to the puck drop today. Knocking out a game thread, a Walk, posting at SBN MN this AM... all before I make a mad dash for Target before the game so my kid can have milk. Selfish brat.

Enjoy the Walk today. Russo has out done himself.

Random Wild Video of the Day:


Wild News:

Four in the spotlight | - A look at the four players with expiring contracts. Which one do you most not want to see leave?

Wellman, Falk make final cut |  - Two kids that have to be flying high today.

Wild-Canes kick off 2010-11 NHL season at 11 a.m.; Zidlicky leaves ice early, questionable | - Russo's Rants, pregame edition.

The heat is on in Helsinki for Wild | - Addressing the elephant in the room, Russo explores the possibility of Richards losing his job.

Minnesota Wild players says 'the mood is good' for today's NHL opener - Brothers says the players are in a good mood. Will they be around 2PM central time?

System News:

tggjournal03 - The Goalie Guild season preview. Ms. Conduct has a write up of Matthew Hackett on page 4.

Off the Trail:

It looks like a good year to celebrate the Blues |  - Yeah. Russo is in the "Off the Trail" portion as well. The Blues are going to be fun to watch this season.