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Wilderness Walk for 10-8-2010: Game Day Edition

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Everyone still out there? No one jumped off a cliff after yesterday? Bad day for Minnesota sports. Well, unless you are a Vikings fan, in which case... piss off. The SBN Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, got almost 33,000 unique visitors yesterday, with over 60,000 page views. I want the Wild to trade for Randy Moss. Now THAT would be news.

Today's walk features a return of some old friends, some ramblings from some guy named Russo, and a look at how the enemy is thinking this morning. Enjoy your day, all.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

I'm not doing one today. I don't know if I have it in me to search out highlights this morning. I also don't think it fits the mood. So there, that's my motivation for the team. Win, and I'll pull some highlights. Don't... well, you'll just have to answer to the Wilderness.

Wild News:

A look at Game 2 of the Tikkanese Cup; Open House Sunday | - Staubitz out, Wellman in. Obvious choice as Staubitz was completely ineffective yesterday. Boogaardian levels if ineffectiveness.

Wild gameday | - Some other randomness from Russo in the paper.

Wild loses opener in Finland | - When I write things that feel overly negative, I do feel a twinge of guilt about it. Then I read Russo, and his thinking is the same, and I feel just a bit better. Just a bit, though.

Latendresse is giving way to Clutterbuck | - For those who are interpreting my disappointment with this move as not wanting Cal up there, you're wrong. I'm happy for Cal. He is as good a guy as there is, and everyone deserves a chance. If he can make it work, more power to him.

New season, familiar failings for Minnesota Wild - - Brothers with his take on the game.

Hitting The Post: Wild game 1 thoughts - Ah, Nick in New York with a refreshing look at things.

Enemy Viewpoints:

Powerplay Delivers For Carolina: Hurricanes 4, Wild 3 - Canes Country - The Caniacs are proud of their win. Yeah, yeah, yeah... We'll see who's proud after today... sigh.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Pens search for reset button; the Oilers (?!) win big - The return of KiPA's NHL recap. Give 'er a click. Good stuff. Really, you should have Hitting the Post bookmarked, but hey... that's just my opinion. What do I know?

Game 2 in t-minus 40 minutes. Get your tissues, I mean... nachos ready.