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Wilderness Walk for 11-1-2010

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Yikes. November already? I suppose it'll be OK, I do have a fresh supply of candy in my house. Dad tax, it's a wonderful thing. Halloween is always an exciting time, but we have new excitement today. It's a new month, which means a "fresh" start. The Wild have 13 games this month, including six at home and seven on the road.  What do you think their record will be for the month of November?

Don't forget to head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and you should consider signing up and helping raise some money for the Hockey Wilderness Movember team. Women are welcome to join the team, as well, so no reason to pass this up.

After the jump, two articles. Yes... two.

Wild News:

Wild coming to grips with puck control issue | - The secret to success in the NHL? Have the puck more than the other guys.

Hockey's Future Organizational Rankings, Fall 2010 21-30 - Hockey's Future - I think my feelings on HF are clear, so I won't beat a dead horse. Let's just say... I disagree.

That's it folks. Two articles. That gives you all kinds of extra time to focus on suggestiong Hockey Wilderness on Facebook to all your friends, and to sign up for the Movember team. Go. Do it. It'll be fun, I promise.