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Hockey Wilderness Military Wild Fan Interview Series: Matt Taylor


Corporal Matt Taylor - back when he was cool

In my life, I am surrounded my service members. My cousins, grandparents, co-workers, and friends have served this great nation, providing security and safety while defending my right to be a smart ass hockey blogger. Hardly seems a fair trade.

One person in particular stands above the rest, for me. Not because he stormed a hill or took a fortification, simply because this particular person is the closest individual to me that has ever served this nation. He served proudly and honorably, and would no doubt do so again if called.

The reason this person gets special billing? He is my best friend, and I had to go for four years without him while he served. Sure, a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but damn it, you go four years without your best friend and see how that feels, will ya?

Honor is something Marines hold dear. It has been one of the great honors of my life to call this man my friend, and I thank him everyday for his friendship, his service, and his sacrifice. If it weren't for him ditching me for four years, I may never have learned just how important military service is.

Thank you, Matt.

Make the jump, and let's find out why Marine Corps Corporal Matt Taylor loves the Wild.


Name:  Matt Taylor
Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps
Last Rank: Corporal
MOS: 2818 – Computer repair Technician  and 5811 – Military Police
Length of Service:  4 years

Hockey Wilderness: What did you do in your day to day work for the military?
Matt Taylor: I maintained and repaired an array of computer and communication equipment.   Helped to maintain the security of the Camp Lejeune

HW: Have you ever been deployed?
MT: No
(Author's Note: Matt served before Sept. 11, 2001. I have no doubts he would have been deployed had he been in service after that horrible day. If that had happened, you may never have had the pleasure of reading my writing, as I would have been forced to sign up to protect his crazy ass. Whew.)

HW: What are the five top reasons why you love hockey, and why?
MT: I love hockey because it is physical, fast and skillful.  In hockey being a "Thug" is a job, not a way of life.  I also love the history of the game, the way players and fans respect the history of the game and its origins.

HW: Why are you a Wild fan? 
MT: I’m a Minnesotan.  I loved the NORTH Stars, but that d!ck weed Norm Green sold us out and sent them to a state where you can’t even play hockey outside.  So when we got a new team I took all of my love of the NORTH Stars and gave it to the Wild.

HW: Who is your favorite Wild player?
MT: Matt Cullen. Duh, hometown kid, ok homestate kid.



HW: Who is your favorite NHL player (current or former)? 
MT: Jacques Plante, definitely one of the best goalies ever.  Also the guy who basically invented the goalie mask and mask helmet combo.  Keeps my son from looking like Gump Worsley, who would be my second favorite player, ever.


Thank you Matt for your service, for your sacrifice, and for a lifetime of friendship. Happy Veteran's Day. Semper Fi.