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Hockey Wilderness Military Wild Fan Interview Series: Jeremy Weidenhamer


I love posting pictures of these guys from basic training. They are so young, and so tough. HA!

Getting all of the people who are close to me with links to the military through these interviews could take awhile. Thursday, you got to meet my best friend, Matt Taylor. Today, you get to meet one of my oldest friends, good ol' JW.

JW joined the army out of high school and was gone two years before I graduated. He has been all over the country, but spent the bulk of his time in Texas. For that, he will be forever scarred. However, he did his job, served overseas, and did his country proud. All the while, he remained true to his roots, and remained a hockey fan.

Now stuck in the hockey hell that is Colorado ( I kid, I kid), he continues his die-hard love for the Wild, despite being surrounded by those stinky, stinky Avs fans.

Please give my good friend Specialist Jeremy Weidenhamer a read.


Name: Jeremy Weidenhamer
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: Specialist
MOS: 63B Light wheeled vehicle mechanic
How long did I serve: 7yrs (1995-2002)

Hockey Wilderness: What do you do in your day to day work for the military?
Jeremy Weidenhamer: I worked on HUMMVE's, 2 1/2ton trucks, along with 5 ton trucks

HW: Have you ever been deployed?

JW: I was deployed in 1999 to Hungary for 7 months and Croatia for 1 month. While I was there, Kosovo was getting bombed.

HW: If you have been deployed, how did you keep up with Wild news and happening? Were you able to watch or listen to games? 
JW: The Wild didn't come about until I was stationed in Germany. I was able to watch Armed Forces Network (AFN) to get all the updates I needed to get.

HW: What are the five top reasons why you love hockey, and why?
JW: My grandfather, he got me my first pair of hockey skates. My Uncle who got me my first hockey stick. Fast paced, talent, and skill. It takes a lot to be able to do what you have to do on 2 thin blades and a sheet of ice.

HW: Why are you a Wild fan?
JW: Hometown team and I like their logo.


Yeah, yeah. You like it, but can you tell us what the hell it is?

HW: Who is your favorite Wild player?
JW: Brian Rolston (I know he doesn't play for them any more, but his shot was wicked)



HW: Who is your favorite NHL player (current or former)?
JW: Mike Modano

Author's note: I did not inform JW that players who were deceased should be avoided. Thus, the reason he was allowed to choose Modano.

Thank you JW, for your years of service, and for your years for friendship. You really should come home. Colorado is stupid. Not for any reason other than that it isn't Minnesota, but that's reason enough.


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