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Wilderness Walk for 11-14-2010: Game Day Edition

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I believe Carlos Mencia could have a field day with this one. What you got?
I believe Carlos Mencia could have a field day with this one. What you got?

Some day, one of you "morning people" is going to have to explain to me how the heck you do this. 5:20 AM is just a ridiculous time to be awake. I mean come on, the sun isn't even going to be up for hours, why am I? Ridiculous.

The Walk is relatively short again, but you do get the added fun of creating a caption today. I went with a photo you may have seen on the Marco Scandella post, just because I think it will spur some great creations. Get to it. Then, head to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and just because you are all following dierections so well, make a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team, would you? Thanks!

Enjoy your day. I may actually get to "see" you for the game this afternoon.

Wild News

Remorseful Burns gets two-game suspension | - I honestly can say I have not seen a player quite so shaken by what they did. Maybe that counts for something, maybe not. The call is yours.

Steve Yzerman: goal-oriented | - Get it? Goal oriented? Because it's hockey? Good one, headline writer. Watch out, though. With the Wild D struggling, this one could get ugly.

Minnesota Wild's Brent Burns doubly hurt by suspension - - Pioneer Press version.

South continues to cook Wild - FSN writes about the Wild? Here I just thought they used Russo's stuff and moved on.

Enemy News

Lightning - The Tampa Tribune. Local paper. Good stuff.

Tampa Bay Lightning, hockey news | St. Pete Times & - Competition. Isn't it great?

Raw Charge - Truly one of my favorite SBN blogs. Aboslutely some of the best writers in the group.