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Wild Stock Market Report: Week 7

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Wait a minute. Week 7? What happened to week 6? Well, you see, I had my weeks based on the fantasy hockey season. Turns out, all of the "pros" are on week 7 for power rankings, so I decided to skip ahead and catch back up. Don't get confused, OK? It's just a number.

I also put off this week's stock analysis for a bit to let the Colin Campbell pieces have their place in the sun. Hopefully you didn't invest too much into the wrong players by not having this crack pot analysis at hand to guide your hand. Next week, we'll have everything straightened back out, and you can invest wisely again.

For now, just make the jump and enjoy yourself, will ya?

Marco Scandella (PZZA) - Scandella struggled a bit in his first game, which is to be expected. However, in his second game, he found his role and performed admirably. The jury is still out, but he seems to be the physical player we all thought he was. The fact that he clears the crease makes him a keeper all by itself. Your chance to buy low is now, but he is still a long term investment.

Rating: Buy

Brent Burns (IJ) - Took a very ill advised two game suspension at a time his team needed him desperately. This forced Marek Zidlicky into action before he was ready, and putting a ton of pressure on three rookie defensemen. He is contrite and truly apologetic, showing he has character, even if he made a horrible mistake. His stock was rocketing, and the suspension hopefully doesn't back hiim away from his stellar play. Right now, I'm a bit nervous to see his reaction.

Rating: Hold

Cal Clutterbuck (CBUK): Leading the team in goals? Apparently Cal wants me to have to eat a hat. Ridiculous. However, he is hurt, and it could be a bit before he returns. After taking a nasty cross check to the back, he is now suffering from back problems. Likely a coincidence, right Colie? Until Cal returns, his stock cannot rise. I would not sell just yet, but temper you expectations a bit.

Rating: Hold

Martin Havlat (CZCH): What to do with this guy? He's up, he's down, and all within the course of a week. He gelled well with third line type players in Chicago, and is now skating with John Madden and Eric Nystrom. He had three assists versus Tampa Bay, and looked good doing it. This guy is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and coated in what the f**k sauce. I honestly have no idea what to make of him, and that makes stock buyers nervous. High risk here.

Rating: Sell

Niklas Backstrom (BAX): Just when you think he can't get any better, he does. There is little more to say about the only reason the Wild are where they are, so we won't. Keep on truckin', Bax.

Rating: Strong Buy

Jose Theodore (GARG): Theodore has to be the best back up in hockey right now. Standing just as tall as Backstrom, with limited playing time, is impressive. He has kept the Wild in the games he has been in, and if the Wild would bother to support him a bit, he would be doing even better. Excellent acquistion for the Wild, and he is paying dividends.

Rating: Buy

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