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Wilderness Walk for 11-16-2010

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Today's Walk is sparse. This season seems different from last in that when the team is off, the news almost stops. Maybe it happened last year, too and I just didn't notice. This is a good thing if it is the case. The people who bring you the news need time off, too. What day would be better for that to happen, an off day, or a game day? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Good stuff to be had after the jump, though. Funny stuff, interesting stuff, and one of those posts that some guy thought would be a good idea. Enjoy that.

From a tweet from Nathan earlier today, I have learned today is "Give to the Max" day. What a perfect day to give to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team and support prostate cancer research, right? Do you have to give until it hurts? No way. Any amount would be very welcome and much appreciated.

Take care of that, and then head to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and check out the Hockey Wilderness store for all of your gift giving needs.

Wild News

Two Zs on D have own way of talking | - Once again, I think the headline writer may have missed the point of the article. The headline makes it sound like they have their own language. Russo is simply writing about communication on the ice. Great article. Terrible headline.

Where the Wild Fit In The NHL Standings - SB Nation Minnesota - Some guy writes about the Wild. Maybe it's someone you know, maybe not. Who ever told this guy he could write about hockey, I think they should be smacked. Oh... wait...

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Pittsburgh's power play reaches new low; Sharks not giving up Pacific - The Pens lost last night. KiPA is not happy about it, but they did make Lundqvist bust his goalie stick. That was pretty cool.

Off the Trail

Campbell blasts blogger for suggesting he has any kind of discipline system | Intent to Blow - This is hilarious. If you only read one post from today's Walk, make sure it is this one.

Xcel Energy Center nominated for Arena of the Year | Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - This should really read "X nominated for award that is only ever award to Madison Square Garden." The award has been around since 1992, and MSG has won it 15 times. That would be 15 out of 18. Why bother having the award. By the way, it is voted on by a concert promotion company, so...


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