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Wilderness Walk for 11-17-2010: Game Day Edition

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Ah, game day, how we missed you.

The Wild return home tonight after nearly a week on the road, and not a great week, either. They are up after a win in Tampa, but they run head long into the red hot Ducks. It is one of those nights where it could be ugly, or it could be radically entertaining. Either way, tuning in would be a good idea.

Today's Walk will take you all over the place, so prepare yourself. You may want to hold of on breakfast until after, not because it is anything gross, just because I don't want the roller coaster-esque turns to make you vomit on the carpet. Before you get sick, maybe head over and answer the Facebook Question of the Day. It's an easy one today. Hey, while you off surfing the interwebz, maybe stop by and contribute to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team? It will make you feel good, I promise.

Also, don't forget to add a caption to the picture above. You know you want to.

Wild News

Unlikely Minnesota Wild line’s chemistry has immediate reaction | - We alluded to this line in the Stock Market Report, but the scribes knocked it out of the park. Hopefully that chemistry translates into good things.

New line feels like new life for Minnesota Wild winger Martin Havlat - - Brothers has his take as well.

By the Numbers: Panthers vs. Wild Scoring Chances, 11.12.2010 - Litter Box Cats - A bit late, but hey, no one's perfect. If you are a stat-head, check this out.

Enemy News

Sports-Ducks : The Orange County Register - Covering the whole county, and the Ducks.

Los Angeles Times - National Hockey League Coverage and News - - Anaheim is close to LA, so you get LA coverage, too. Bonus.

Battle of California - Takes and trash talk from all sides of the NHL's most pathetic rivalry - One of two SBN blogs covering the Ducks. Always a unique take from BoC.

Anaheim Calling - Two of two SBN blogs covering the Ducks. Good stuff as well.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: I guess Montreal is for real - Carey Price is a hero. A man amongst boys. Until tomorrow.

Off the Trail

McKenzie: Campbell still has backing of NHL community - The revered Bob McKenzie weighs in with his take on the Campbell mess. It reads as though McKenzie is trying to tell fans they don't matter, and they should just accept that. I disagree. I expected more from him, but there are mitigating factors. Such as TSN's desire to have the NHL tell them about trades before they tell anyone else. Just sayin.

Hockey Recon: Why Bloggers are the Fourth Estate: "Bob McKenzie is a Patsy" Edition. - The folks at Hockey Recon? Not pleased with McKenzie's response. Not. Pleased. At all.

Pass it to Bulis - The Wrong Questions - I agree with this post 155%.

NHL Overtime, Not Helped By Weak NHL Lead-in, Debuts at Low Viewership Levels " Puck The Media - The new show on Versus drew 31,000 viewers. Thirty one thousand. In other words, about 34K less than watched the Vikings lose at the Dome each game this season. This is embarrassing, I don't care what the spin on it is.


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