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Minnesota Wild vs Detroit Red Wings: Game Recap

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Minnesota Wild 4 - 3 Detroit Red Wings (OT)

For Red Wings perspective, please visit Winging It In Motown

I should probably offer a disclaimer right off the top. I did not see the game, but I feel like I did with the number of tweets, texts and emails. Yes, Colie... emails.

By all accounts, it was another typical Wild game. Strong in the first, disappearing act in the second, missing for the first part of the third, strong finish. Furthering the storyline, the Wild were out shot 18-3 in the second and 44-27 overall. While they pulled out another victory, it defies logic to think they can continue to play in this manner and win games. There has to be a point where the opposition is going to put the normal percentage of these shots in, and the losses will come.

For tonight, it was enough to win, and wins are what matters the most. It creates another three game winning streak with a chance to go to four against the Rangers tomorrow night. As PR guru Ryan Stanzel pointed out, the win puts them within four points of the Western Conference lead. Could you imagine that? What if the Wild led the West while being out shot by 950% every night?

The mind boggles.

Scoring for the Wild were Brent Burns, Cal Clutterbuck, Mikko Koivu, and John Madden. Adding to the mystery of how this team continues to win is the fact that the top scorers on the team are Clutterbuck and Burns. A checking line forward and a defenseman. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just an interesting twist to go with all of the other interesting twists.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

1. Jose Theodore (41 Saves)
2. Justin Abdelkader (2A in just 13:56 TOI)
3. John Madden (GWG)

Five Questions:

  1. Can the Wild keep the Wings under 5 tonight? They did indeed. Three goals against.
  2. How does Scandella look against his hero? Even on the night with in 12:37 TOI. No PP time, and no PK time. You tell us, Wilderness. How did he look?
  3. How does Burns look in his return? From all reports he was good. He scored a goal, which pretty much means it must have been a good night.
  4. The Wings are a puck control team. Can the Wild muster 20 SOG? They did indeed.
  5. Can Bertuzzi control himself and not break anyone's neck tonight? Not a single penalty tonight. The sixth seal is broken.

Question for the Wilderness... Where were you tonight? Nathan is on his way to Disney World and I was at work. Where were you? Did anyone witness the game?