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Wilderness Walk for 11-2-2010: Game Day Edition

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Before we get started... please, go vote. I don't really care who you vote for, what your political viewpoint is (nor does anyone else here), or what is the most important issue to you. We only love hockey here at Hockey Wilderness, something that binds us together rather than driving us apart. At the same time, we ask that you do your duty as a citizen and cast your vote.


Remember... if you can't decide who to vote for, you are welcome to vote for me by write in. I have received votes for anything from District Water Manager to President of the United States. Alas, I did not win any of them.

To entertain you after you vote, you can create-a-caption for the picture at the top of the post, you can answer the Facebook Question of the Day, you could make a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team, or you could join the team and help raise donations of your own!

Make the jump for another short Walk, but we do get a new friend.

Wild News:

Thanks to the D, Backstrom now sees the shots so he can stop them | - Backstrom has been phenomenal all year. Kent Youngblood gives him some love in the paper today.

Minnesota Wild's Pierre-Marc Bouchard closer to returning after a year off ice - - As we have read for days, Bouchard is getting closer. Welcome to last Thursday, Mr. Shipley.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: Reviewing Monday, previewing Tuesday - Turns out, Luongo really does only suck against the Wild. I'm OK with that.

Enemy News:

San Jose Mercury News - Local San Jose Newspaper - Enjoy. They actually cover the Sharks, so there is some good stuff over there.

Fear The Fin - The good people at Fear the Fin are the SBN Sharks bloggers. Good stuff, even if they are a bit distracted by their Giants winning the World Series last night.

Off the Trail:

First Round Bust - Please welcome First Round Bust to the Wild family of blogs. Stop over and say hi of you get a chance.