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Wilderness Walk for 11-21-2010

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November 21st already? Yikes. Remember, not much changes in the standings after November. Just a friendly reminder of that fact.

Today's Walk is a good one, thanks to some excellent writing from those we trust to bring us the best. We get a take on the Colin Campbell situation from Russo, a video of a former Wild prospect goalie defending his squad, and plenty of talk about the return of Gaborik and Boogaard. It's a good Walk. One of the best in awhile, in my estimation. Enjoy.

When your euphoria wears off, stop by Facebook and answer the Question of the Day. Then, maybe make a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team. You are running out of time to do so. Oh, and go buy a Star Trib today. Russo earned it. Buy two.

One last thing. There are going to be people out there who criticize Wild fans for booing Gaborik last night. Just keep in mind, you spoke your mind, and let him know your feelings on his time here. Sure, he scores goals, but he never accomplished anything. He deserved nothing, and you gave it to him. Consider this humble writer proud of you.

Wild News

Bad timing: Wild lays egg in front of packed house | - Post game Rants from Russo.

Wild pays dearly for second-period lapse | - Russo's gamer. I don't think "I don't know" is sitting very well with Russo, either.

Five goals help keep crowd off Gaborik | - He got his. Good enough. Sure, if it has been 5-2 Wild, the crowd would have been more raucous, but he got the point.

Tom Powers: Boogey spreads joy and mayhem - - I include this here because it is part of the Walk to do so. I wouldn't waste your time. Yawn.

Minnesota Wild suffer midgame slump in loss to New York Rangers - - Indeed. Gamer from Brothers.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Chicago rips Vancouver, again; CBJ sweeps California - Vancouver lost, so maybe that makes you feel better. No? Me either.

Off the Trail

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Leave your family out of it | - I knew we could count on Russo for a strong opinion on this. Well done. A-game material here.

Michael Russo's short takes: Nov. 21 | - A quick look at some interesting notes around the league.

SanFilippo: Campbell’s fairness called into question - - Interesting article that claims 30 out of 30 players polled off the record want Campbell gone. So much for the support of the hockey community.