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Wilderness Walk for 11-22-2010

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Another slow news day, today. I wonder if Colin Campbell knows that. I mean, if a slow news day led to the emails he sent being such a big deal, certainly he does something stupid again today, right? We can only hope.

The Walk has some slim pickings today. Nothing from Russo (except a blog update) or Brothers out there, and with both papers silent, it gives us little to aggregate for you. The team did not practice yesterday, but they did send Marco Scandella back to Houston. As Russo explains below, it's like a cap move. Nothing to get overly upset about.

Remember, we always have some discussion over on the Facebook Question of the Day, and you still have time to donate to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team. You can also vote in the fan confidence poll today through Wednesday, brought to you by SBNation Minnesota. Just slide the little arrow to your level of confidence in the team, and hit "Vote." Simple. Do it up. Results lock on Wednesday night.

Wild News

Russo's Rants | - Russo updates his blog with the reasoning behind the Scandella move.

Roundtable: Wild bloggers discuss returns of Boogaard, Gaborik - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Forgot to include this the past couple days, but Wysh asked that we participate in a quick discussion about Gaborik and Boogaard returning. Hopefully you caught it before the game, if not, here it is.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Z saves game; Ducks bad again - Did the Wild ruin the Ducks mood? Maybe, and I'm OK with that.

Off the Trail

First Round Bust: The Hunt For What Nordy Really Is: Wildcat - Nate over at FRB continues his quest to determine what Nordy is. All I know is I would prefer he be a "former Wild mascot." Just sayin.

Blogger shoots and scores in unraveling email furor surrounding NHL discipline czar Colin Campbell - The mainstream folks continue to discover the story and to latch onto it. This story is not going to just go away, and I really hope the NHL knows that.