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Hockey Thanksgiving

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After last night's disaster, it is difficult to find anything to be thankful for when it comes to hockey. However, there are still a great deal of people, things, and events to truly drop down on your knees and appreciate that they exist. Family, friends, freedom, hockey itself. We live in a world that is full of people who cannot afford to feed themselves, who cannot get the basic necessities of life. We get to watch hockey.

With that in mind, we shut off the rage and the incessant ramblings for one day. We turn instead to the things we are thankful for.

Make the jump for my (rather long) list. Tell us what you are thankful for in the comment section. If you are on Twitter, check out, and add to #HockeyThanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Hockey Wilderness.


Hockey Related Thankfulness

I am thankful for the following hockey related goodness:

  • Defending the Blueline - A group dedicated to nothing short of providing the dream of hockey to children who need it the most. Kids who have to deal with the rigors of a military family have enough to deal with, they should not have to give up hockey, too. Keep up the good work Shane & crew.
  • Zambonis - What a kick ass machine. I mean, seriously.
  • The one-timer - Is there anything more exciting than a blast from the far side of the ice that no one can catch up with? Save your Pavel Datsyuk dekes. Give me Squid down on one knee blasting it home.
  • Youth hockey - watching kids play hockey for the pure love of the game is enough to melt even the bitter, snark riddled heart of this author.
  • Ryan Stanzel and Aaron Sickman - the greatest PR guys in the game. Not that I know many of them, but these two are great. Though I am still convinced it says "Honda" on the ice.
  • Michael Russo - The greatest hockey writer ever to live. No, I'm not kidding. Ever. To sit in the same press box as him is an honor and a privilege. Don't ever retire, and don't move to Vegas when the NHL expands, OK?
  • The smell of a hockey rink - Is there a greater smell on Earth? 
  • The game of hockey - Without hockey, I have no idea where I would be right now. It was there when I was a kid, it was there when I was going through divorce, and it is still there today. No matter the level or my role in the proceedings, I love the game of hockey, and everything that comes with it.
  • The readers of Hockey Wilderness - Without you, this site doesn't exist. I know you hear it from athletes and others all the time, but you really are the only reason we do this. Think about it, what other reason do we have? It certainly isn't a money thing. It certainly isn't a pride thing. It is all for you, and we thank you for each and every click.



Semi-Hockey Related Thankfulness

I am thankful for these things that are at least partially related to hockey:

  • SBNation - What a great place to write. Sure, we have deadlines, but they are fairly easy to meet. We have editors, but they are almost as crazy as we are. We have stakeholders, and everyone of them is a sports fan.
  • SBNation NHL Writers - The lot of you is certifiably insane, and it makes it that much easier to be associated with you. I haven't met any of you in person, and yet I would go to bat for each and everyone of you.
  • Nathan Eide - Say it with me... Awwww.... Seriously though. Without Nathan's willingness to take me on back in the day, I would not have this opportunity, and all of the opportunities that followed it. I still hate your real job getting in the way of the fun, but such is life. Thanks, man.

Non-Hockey Related Thankfulness

I am thankful for all of the things in life that have nothing to do with hockey:

  • My family - They have sacrificed so much to allow me the time to write as much as I do. They support me and love me no matter what happens, and it makes a man feel humble and small to have that much love.
  • My friends - You made me who I am today. Yes, Wilderness readers, it is their fault. Bitter, snarky, and full of spite. It's all these people's fault, and you know you love every second of it.
  • The United States Military - Thank you for giving, and defending, my right to be a snarky bastard whenever I want. Your sacrifices and honor will never go unnoticed. I hope one day to be able to repay, in some small way, what you have given to me.