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Wilderness Walk for 11-27-2010: Game Day Edition

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If you haven't noticed, sometimes the Walk can get pretty thin. There just isn't much to write about, as an author of any type can tell you. Then, there are days like today, where you wish you could save some of it for later. Oh well. Guess you'll all just have to gorge yourselves on excellent writing today. Try not to be disappointed when there isn't as much tomorrow.

By the way, how about that Boise State / Nevada game last night? Pretty exciting stuff. Right? No? Yeah, I didn't watch it either. I'm still having a hard time figuring out how anything involving Idaho and Nevada is important.

Enjoy your day folks. Game day, which means fun with pictures. Also, make sure you get in your last minute Movember donations. We have raised almost $650! That, by far, exceeds any expectations we had. Thank you very, very much for your support!

Of course, stop by Facebook for the Question of the Day. Enjoy the game tonight.

Wild News

Wild superior at even strength | - "Same team, right?" Uh... no Kent, it's not. There are two teams in that locker room, and it just depends which one wants to come out.

Another Theodore victory makes a case for more chances | - Theo doesn't get the start against his old squad, but such is the life of a back up goalie. A back up goalie that finished last season 11-0-0... I still don't understand this, but hey... it works.

Backstrom returns to the cage tonight at Colorado; Havlat riding hot streak | - Clearly Bob Mason is to blame for the play of the goalies. Just remember that, Russo, when you list all these "stats" you are throwing at us. Terrible goalie coach, just terrible. (/sarcasm)

'Creative mind' was missed - - The pass to himself off of the net was pretty sweet, I'll give him that.

The Curious Case of Andrew Brunette - Behind The Net - A good look at Bruno from one of our sister brother blogs here at SBNation. A stats oriented blog, so be ready for some numbers.

The Fourth Period :: Minnesota Wild :: Second Periods Don't Count in Minnesota - This published a couple days ago, and I missed it, but here is that one Wild writer that seems to write for everyone flapping his gums again. Someone should really shove a fork in his eye or something.

Enemy News

Colorado Avalanche - The Denver Post - Home of the one and only Adrain Dater, who I still can't decide if he is a jerk or another guy just like me... we jerks have to stick together, you know?

Mile High Hockey - The SBN home for the Colorado Avalanche. Make sure you stop by over there at some point today. Good people doing good work.

Off the Trail

Is that a hot dog in your pads, or are you just happy to be here? Diary of a Mad Sports Historian - This is one of those must read posts on a must read blog. Get to know a bit about the author on Twitter @NHLHistoryGirl. One of the best follows on Twitter. No, really.

Keeping a stiff upper lip - A good article about Movember. Check it out.