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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: Game Re-Cap

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Minnesota Wild 4 - 7 Colorado Avalanche

For Colorado perspective, please visit Mile High Hockey.

Well, another embarrassing evening for the Wild. Gave up the the dreaded touchdown, and from all reports were grossly and completely outplayed for the vast majority of the game. Outplayed physically and mentally, the Wild cannot find any positives in this game. None. As in... zero. We always like to find a positive or two, but there just aren't any here.

Looking at the second period, the Wild were outshot 20-7. Say it out loud, will you? No, really. Do it. Twenty to seven. How do you expect to give up 20 shots against in one period and not expect three or four of them to go in? This is basic hockey, folks. This is not rocket science. Stop the puck from getting to the net, or make a play every now and again to prevent the shot from happening in the first place.

Twenty to seven. For the love of everything good in this world... twenty to seven. Coach Richards' answer tonight about the second period? "It's gotta be something." I guess that's a bit better than "I don't know."

Once again, Richards left Niklas Backstrom out to dry. Seven goals against. After facing twenty shots on goal in one period, and giving up four goals in one period, he still send Backstrom out in the third. Absolutely mind boggling why he is not pulling Backstrom in games like this. Theodore gives up 15, fine, whatever. Your $6 million per year, starting goalie with a no movement clause, who is now a head case after giving up 18 goals in three games? Not OK.

Asked about it after the game he did say he considered it at 4-2 and 5-2. Well, then. Considering it makes it all better, I'm sure.

Maybe we are headed for this situation?


Let's hope not.

Looks like Kyle Brodziak had a decent game with a pair of goals, and a solid beat down at the hands of noted pugilist Chris Stewart. See? Even the guy who had the best game even had a negative on his scorecard. There just are no positives to pull out of this game.

Speaking of negatives, 14 Wild players were a minus on the night. Only four were even or positive, and one of them was the guy who put in two goals himself.

The good thing is, the Avalanche players were classy in their victory. I know it is a division game, and I know there is always some heated emotions between the Wild and Avs, but I really detest classless crap like Chris Stewart pulled tonight. We get it, Chris. You are stomping your opponent in every way, shape, and form. Save the histrionics, would you? You stay classy buddy.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars

1. Greg Mauldin (2G, 2A)
2. Kevin Shattenkirk (1G, 2A)
3. Milan Hejduk (1G, 1A)

Five Questions

  1. We keep the Wild SOG over under at 20. Can they out shoot the Avs? Out shoot them? HA! Yeah, no.
  2. The new top line looked good last night. Are they intact, and how do they look tonight? No one looked good tonight. No one.
  3. Divisional match ups are important, and feisty. Can these teams play a civilized hockey game? Nope. Can't even do so with any level of class, either.
  4. How many times does Adrian Dater call the Wild boring tonight? I don't know, and I don't care to look it up. Anyone want to dig through his feed and find out?
  5. Can Nick Schultz continue his goal scoring streak? No. He can't.