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Wilderness Walk for 11-28-2010

Maybe we should title this the "Russo Edition." The Wild played a game last night in which they were blown out badly. They had one of their defensemen suffer an injury and unable to play, and skated with just enough players to field a roster. A well known name forward leave for personal reasons... and one of the two major newspapers to cover the team has a five sentence re-cap of the game. No game story, no updates on the team. Five sentences.

It's sad really. Hopefully their readers all follow Russo on Twitter.

The result for you, oh Wilderness reader, is four stories from Russo today. Granted, all of them are packed with good stuff. So, maybe that makes up for the lack of coverage from the competition.

Before you drift into your football coma and go watch the Vikings lose yet again, check out the Facebook Question of the Day. Also, only a few more days to make a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team! Who's in?

Wild News

Another second-period black hole sinks Wild | - Twenty to seven in the second period. Twenty. To. Seven.

Another Minnesota 'Middle 20 Malaise' destroys Wild in Mile High City | - "Only in those instances, Backstrom bailed the Wild out like Willie Nelson on a pot charge." Come on... where else you going to get that, other than from Russo? Awesome.

Kobasew tends to ill mother | - All the best to Kobasew and his family. Good to see the Wild letting him take the time he needs. Off the point a bit, I''m still amazed at the fact that the Pioneer Press has yet to pick up on the news.

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Race to be No. 1 continues | - A perfect article for CT, Russo looks at the upcoming draft and who is fighting to be the top pick.