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Wilderness Walk for 11-3-2010

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Today could be a long day. It is the day after election day here in the US, which means it is time to do nothing except talk about the election, and it won't help that one race in Minnesota is so close it has triggered an automatic recount. Yes, again.

None of this is good for hockey, as it serves as a distraction that we just don't want. Here is my suggestion: Let's all agree to just climb into "Hockey World" and pretend none of the rest of it exists? You all good with that? Good. I'll meet you there.

After you go answer the Facebook Question of the Day, and consider making a donation to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team... make the jump.

Wild News:

Backstrom takes the bite out of Sharks | - It really is a headline that no one can resist. I wonder how many times it gets used a year in the NHL.

Hair today -- and not gone until December | - Russo reports a bit on Movember.

Wild 1, Backstrom 0 | - Russo's Rants: Postgame. Good stuff.

Tom Powers: Nik Backstrom is at the top of his game for Minnesota Wild - - This article makes me believe that the seventh seal has been broken, and we are all doomed. Tom Powers wrote something... positive.

Niklas Backstrom pitches rare home shutout as Wild beat San Jose 1-0 and begin forming a new identity- Wait a minute. An Identity? Did Bruce just take his turn with #SorryTom?

Tuesday's Three Stars: Two shutouts and a Torres trick - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Backstrom is Puck Daddy's #1 Star for the night.

KiPA's Korner:

Hitting The Post: More shutouts - As long as they come from the goalies I own in fantasy hockey, I'm good with more shutouts.